Hi. Again.

I haven’t been blogging for a while now. My lazy bones have been acting up.


Got my SPM results today. I’m happy, really. But when I go online and look at everyone else’s results, all the straight A’s, I can’t help but doubt myself. I have to keep reminding myself to stop comparing myself to others. I have to keep reminding myself that people have worked hard to achieve those results, and I didn’t, so I don’t have the rights to moan about it now. But it’s hard. I keep feeling bad for myself and that’s not right. I need to take a step back and remind myself that I am me, and that’s enough.

In other news, there is so much happening in my life right now. There’s the university/college issue, as usual. Then there’s the surgery that I have to go through to mend my torn ligament. Also, my driving test.

It’s too much. And all these posts about people getting straight A’s isn’t helping either.

Sometimes, I feel that life is better without the Internet.


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