Sudden Sadness.

You know one of those days where you feel sad for no reason at all? Your heart feels heavy, there’s a sadness deep within, or maybe it’s madness. Maybe it’s depression, or fatigue. Either way, all these negative feelings just lodge themselves at the darkest corner of your heart, and there’s just no getting it out. Well, I’m having one of those days right now.

At first I wondered why I felt this way for no reason at all. And then I wondered if there really was no reason behind my sadness. I thought about it for a while, going back to the beginning of the day, searching for the cause of my upset. Then I realized that so many things have upset me throughout they day, which led me to the conclusion that sometimes, maybe it isn’t that we are sad for no reason.

Maybe, it’s because we become upset by so many things that everything just comes together like Blu-Tack and latches itself into our hearts. We don’t know what to make of the sudden sadness that hits us like a punch in the chest, because it’s too much for us. So we just think that we are sad for no reason at all, because it’s much easier that way.


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