Hospital Diary Day 3.

Woke up and did everything I had to do except anything that had to do with the bathroom because I still wasn’t allowed off the bed yet -.-  Soon, my father and sister came to visit. I also went to the toilet on a wheelchair toilet seat thing which looks something like this:

IMG_0771You just sit on it and push it to the toilet bowl. Impressive, huh?

Later, Roti dropped by for a little while before I went for physiotheraphy to learn how to use crutches. And let me just say, using crutches is very tiring, especially for someone who isn’t athletic in any way. Even when I have to go to the toilet which is only a few feet away, I’ll end up sweating and out of breath.

Guess I’ll have to start losing weight after my ankle heals completely. LOL.

Oh and guess what! The doctor just visited and said he will discharge me tomorrow! Can’t wait!


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