NSC Diary Day 1.

Recently, I watched a video by BuzzFeed about making life changes. In that video, 3 people attempt to give up sugar for a month. After watching their video, I was inspired to take on this challenge myself. To be honest, I’ve wanted to cut sugar out of my diet a long time ago. I’m aware of how much sugar influences my weight, but somehow I’d always deviate from the plan. I guess you could say that I don’t have even an ounce of self-discipline. But this time, I’m determined to get through with it and prove to myself that I’m capable of finishing something I’ve started.

I’ve decided to call it the ‘No Sugar Challenge’, shortened to NSC, which explains my title. This challenge will commence on 17 May 2015 and end on 15 June 2015, a total of 30 days.

So. Today is the first day of this no sugar challenge. In this challenge, there are 3 rules:

1. No added sugar.

2. No agave or honey.

3. No artificial sweeteners.

For brunch today, I replaced my usual Milo with green tea.


By tea time, I’ve completely forgotten about the challenge (how typical), but luckily the drink I made was soy bean with no added sugar. 1 point for me! ;) For dinner, my family had lychee and longan syrup for dessert but thank God, I remembered that I was on the no sugar diet and didn’t have any. So far, so good, I’d say. I adhered to all 3 rules in the challenge (well done, Sam! *pats self on back*).

That’s all for today! I won’t be posting about this every day for a month though, because I doubt there’s going to be much to report. I’ll check in once in a while, maybe once a week. We’ll see how it goes.


Video: Homosexuality in Singapore – By Amos Yee. Okay, before anyone starts judging, I’d like to say that in my personal opinion, Amos Yee is a very intellectual person. Go back to his old Youtube videos, and you’ll find that he was already smarter than all of us at his age then. Hell, sometimes I don’t even get what he’s saying. He states a point, and he backs it up with 101 solid facts. I would never want to get on the wrong side of this boy. Albeit being sued for his infamous Lee Kuan Yew video, I have to say that he had a point when he talked about corruption in politics. There’s no denying that corruption happens in every country. As the Singaporeans say, iz liddat. However, I do agree that he could’ve voiced out in a less offensive manner and respected Mr. Lee Kuan Yew’s passing.

In this video, I agree with his views 100% and I’m happy he stood up for them.

I also read a few of his blog posts and came across one concerning his abusive father. I was really disappointed when I scrolled down to the comment section and saw that people were telling him that he deserved it, that his father should’ve hit him harder, stuff like that. No matter how rude or insensitive Amos Yee is, this is no way to treat an abuse victim. Child abuse is not a joke, you can’t just leave harsh comments like that and think that you’ve taught him a lesson. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

There are also Youtubers who make videos poking fun at Amos Yee. Personally, I felt that it wasn’t necessary to stoop so low. He made fun of Lee Kuan Yew, now you’re making fun of him. So really, how much different are you from him? (*cough* Julian Tay *cough*)


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