Blast To The Past.

For real, this text box has been left untouched for an hour now. At first I was thinking of updating my No Sugar Challenge Diary (which is a disaster LOL), but then decided to dig up some of my past (stupid, stupid idea). So these are just random excerpts from my past. I’ll just write about anything that pops up in my mind.


In primary school, all of us were divided into sport houses. There were 4 houses altogether; Green, Red, Blue and Yellow. I was in Yellow house. Before I dive into details, I should mention that I was on the heavier side (still am HAHAHA) at the time. So one day during a Standard 2 PE lesson, the teacher divided us into groups according to our sport houses. Now, in my house, there was this girl, let’s call her C (I would state her real name here, but I don’t wanna offend anyone, no time for drama llamas). C was slim, the complete opposite of what I was. I was standing in my group awkwardly before the activity started when I saw C eyeing me unpleasantly. Then, she whispered to someone by her side, not at all discreet, should I add, “oh my God, we’re gonna be in the same group as that fat pig.” What made it worse was that I honestly thought she was my friend. Her mother was my mother’s friend, and we met in ballet class. Turns out the friendship was one-sided. To be fair, I don’t know if she meant what she said, as she was only 8 at the time. I don’t even think she’d remember saying it if I were to confront her about it today. C went to an international school after graduating primary school. She succeeded in everything, piano, violin, volleyball, singing, ballet. She’s beautiful, tall, I mean, basically, she’s perfect. But in my heart, she will always be that girl who called me a fat pig in primary school. Of course, 10 years later, it doesn’t affect me anymore when I think about it, but this memory will always linger in the back of my mind. This just goes to show that abuse, no matter what form it takes, will never ever really fade from a person’s memory.


I remember walking that short distance to the kitchen to grab a glass of water and while finishing it, I’d lean my back against the kitchen top and stare at the fridge. The surface of our fridge was messy, it was clustered with magnets, reminders, birthday cards, kindergarten art projects, and sometimes even exam timetables. It was my favourite part of the apartment, holding scraps of every family member on it. I miss those times. Now we’ve moved to a bigger house, and the surface of our new fridge is clean and empty. My parents banned magnets from the fridge so that the surface doesn’t get scratched. It feels so foreign to walk past a squeaky clean fridge without the mess. I wish I could go back to before and just stay there forever.


Well. That’s all for today. I don’t know why, but I find that my brain has become really lazy these days. I don’t enjoy writing as much as I used to because I hate using my brain to think of ways to construct sentences and of words to use. LOL. Sometimes I even get too lazy to read books. I mean yeah, once I start reading I can’t stop, but once I close the book, I wouldn’t touch it anymore, I would rather sit and stare into space. It’s not until I get really, really bored that I take out my book to read. I don’t know man. What is wrong with me? Plus college is starting soon. This lazy attitude just will not do.

In other news, Ireland is going to accept marriage equality! How amazing is that! This piece of news brought a HUGE smile to my face, I’m genuinely so happy for them! One day, I can only hope to be a part of something as miraculous and magical as this :D


Film: Pitch Perfect 2. Acapella. Sexy Germans (Flula). Pentatonix. The Filharmonic. Need I say more? Grab tickets NOW! Amazing, amazing, ACA-AMAZING. SO GOOD.

Song: Flashlight by Jessie J. Heard this song in Pitch Perfect 2. It sounds very similar to Britney Spears’s Perfume, but still a beautiful song nonetheless.


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