Book Review: Midsummer Magic | Julia Williams

It was horrible.


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I didn’t even finish this book, that was how horrible it was. It started off okay, until they went to Cornwall. Things started to go downhill from there. From the part where they reached Cornwall to the part where they actually met up with Freddie Puck to be hypnotised, I got really bored reading it. I felt that it was too draggy and dwelled on too many insignificant events. I remember thinking “when the hell are they getting hypnotised???” Then they finally got hypnotised, and the rest- well to me, the rest was just crap. In short, the 4 of them just kept walking around and getting lost in the woods, and they kept stumbling upon the run-down theatre. Then there were misunderstandings occuring as soon as the last misunderstanding was solved. And throughout all these, I never got to know the characters to form an attachment to them, so in the end I really couldn’t care less about what happens to any of them.

Overall, it was a crappy read. I won’t even bother finishing it. I rate this book 1 piece of turd, because it’s not even worthy of a reference.


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