Feeling real crappy today.

Huh. Starting out on a sunny note today. Great.

Okay now I’m just having a conversation with myself.

Ugh. Back to the main point. I love my family, I do. But sometimes they drive me nuts. Up to the point where I’d want to leave and run away to a secret place to just have my fucking space, you know? Okay maybe the situation isn’t as dramatic (I’ve just finished reading the PJO series, can’t blame me) as I make it out to be, but still it’s somewhere along those lines.

At this moment it’s my mum and my brother who are getting on my nerves. I don’t know who I’m supposed to worry over- my mum or myself. Because these days everything she says drives me up the wall and annoys me like hell and I always end up ignoring her or snapping at her. She keeps asking me questions that either 1. I obviously don’t know the answer to or 2. She already knows the answer to. It’s as if she’s asking me questions just for the sake of talking. Sometimes I have to stare at her for 5 whole minutes to see if she was actually seriously asking me a question. I don’t know, is this a sign of old age? Or am I just being overly sensitive? Either way I’m going crazy.

And my brother, oh hell, he’s a whole other story. I wonder if he’s Generation Z or a whole other generation where we have to make up a whole new alphabet for, because I seriously do not understand how his brain works. He’s 8 this year, but doesn’t seem to be able to understand simple instructions, and since I’m in charge of him because I’m pretty free at the moment, I’m the one who has to deal with his stubbornness. He does everything at a leisurely pace, and gets distracted very easily. Maybe he has ADHD and is actually a demigod, who knows, but right now he’s just a pain in my butt. Getting him to complete his homework is torture, and yes I’ve tried speaking nicely but it doesn’t work. My patience runs out eventually (bear in mind I have to keep reminding him to concentrate every. single. minute.) which leads to yelling but it doesn’t work either. I have to watch him 24/7, otherwise he either loses concentration or tries to steal something. It’s bloody tiring. I barely have time to do my own things before 12 am. I’m trying my best not to stay up late, but how can I when it’s the only time of the day where I have my own space? Everyone’s asleep except for me and the Internet. It’s the best time of the day for me.

I do feel better after venting, but still pretty crappy. Oh well. Guess I’ll have to bear with it. I have physiotherapy tomorrow. What a great start to the weekends. Did I mention how much I absolutely despise going for physiotherapy? Ugh FML.


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