For the most part, I enjoy meeting up with them (the ones who are closer to us, of course). I love talking to them, getting to know each other better, catching up on each other’s lives. My relatives from Singapore and USA are coming back tomorrow, and I couldn’t be more excited to meet them. But, somehow I have this nagging feeling that I will not enjoy their visit very much. I don’t understand why, but it’s almost as if it’s mandatory for relatives to comment on your weight/future/academics whenever you meet up, am I right or am I right?

What I dread the most are the oh-you-seem-to-have-gained-weight-ha-ha (as if it’s something I should find funny), the you-should-excercise-more (wow thanks I didn’t know that), the didn’t-you-get-any-scholarship-offers (appreciate the confidence boost), the what-are-your-plans-for-the-future (as if they give a shit), and last but not least, the your-siblings-play-tennis-so-how-come-you-don’t (I get this way too often and it fucking pisses me off, who says I have to do everything my siblings do? If I want to be a sloth, I will fucking be one) comments.

I mean, what has a girl got to do to have a peaceful meet-up with her relatives without feeling like crap? That said, I’m still pretty stoked to see them tomorrow. At least there’ll be candies and whatnot from The States! :)


Video: Things I Wish I Could Tell My Mom, because I can relate to this. I know my mum is concerned about my health due to my weight and my lifestyle, but I wish she’d understand that I’m fully aware of the risks, and I won’t change no matter what she says as long as I’m not ready to. I wish she’d just leave me alone, or at least voice her opinions in a less harsh way.


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