Guys I am so so sorry for not writing in such a long time (as if anyone reads my blog LOL), but I’ve been awfully busy these days. Relatives from both sides of the family have decided to visit Penang this holiday and I’ve been spending every hour with them. I’ve just been back from a hotel stay and I’m leaving for Hatyai soon. I’ll only be back on Sunday, a day before I start college.

Speaking of college, I AM BLOODY TERRIFIED. I think everyone knows how much I despise socializing by now, haha. I hate being the new kid, and also, I’m not ready to study T.T I was shown my timetable today by Dobby (thanks a lot) (that was sarcastic) and I just died a little inside. I’m also pretty reluctant to go on this trip to Hatyai as I want to prepare myself mentally for college, but in the end I put family first. I’ll always put family first.

My eyelids are drooping as I’m typing this LOL. I’ll try to write as soon as possible (though it’s highly unlikely considering I’m going to be busy with college soon), bye!


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