Love Wins.

Shoutout to WordPress for the amazing header! Decided to blog about the recent legalization of same-sex marriages in the USA and got the best surprise ever when I saw a rainbow-coloured banner as WordPress’s header. I’m a happy little bitch ❤💛💚💙💜

Yesterday, the 26th of June 2015 (well, the 27th for Malaysia because time difference, you get it), the Supreme Court in USA legalized same-sex marriage nationwide. I’m already tearing up typing this LOL because I’m so fucking happy for the LGBTQ community.


(Source: Tumblr)

I was sitting in the waiting room of a hospital waiting for my turn to undergo a physiotherapy treatment when I booted up my computer to download some college notes. Then I kind of deviated from the original plan and opened up Twitter. I remember the first tweet I saw was Troye’s tweet, under the “while you were away…” column. It said:


(Source: Twitter)

The second tweet I saw was Connor’s:


(Source: Twitter)

I knew rainbows were commonly associated with gay pride, so when I saw the rainbow-coloured heart emoji, I started getting excited. I didn’t know if what I thought was happening was actually happening, because it seemed so surreal that I’d wake up one day and find that the USA has legalized gay marriage. So I went on Google and typed in “gay marriage America” and lo and behold, same-sex marriages were legalized nationwide in the United States of America.

At that moment, I was so happy I’m pretty sure I looked like a lunatic grinning to my laptop in a room full of people. But it didn’t matter, because so many people finally get to live like normal couples and do what normal couples do, and that fact alone makes me so bloody happy, you have no idea.

But some people don’t get all the fuss. They don’t understand why people who aren’t in the LGBTQ community feel so strongly about this news. Someone asked me why I was close to tears upon hearing the news. He asked me if I was a lesbian. No, I’m not  lesbian. I’m very straight. But that doesn’t mean I can’t be happy for the gays, right? I don’t have to only be happy when I have a personal gain. I’m happy that the LGBTQ community is slowly being accepted by society, I’m happy that people get to live their lives the way they want to, I’m happy that the world is progressing forward.

Then there was this girl who posted something unpleasant on Facebook. She said that the USA should start legalizing everything illegal since they’re legalizing gay marriage. This statement implies that gay marriage is the worst out of everything that is illegal in the States. I don’t know where this hatred stemmed from. It could be because she’s a Christian or maybe she’s just a naive 16-year-old. I don’t know. All I know is that I 100% disagree with this statement because 1) gay marriage shouldn’t even have been illegal in the first place. Telling people who they should marry is just stupid, besides who gave you the fucking rights to do so? 2) gay marriage is different from other illegal stuff (which highlights point number 1), for example weaponry, by legalizing weaponry in several states in the USA, it has caused much chaos and violence. But by legalizing gay marriage, pray tell, what harm can be caused? Does it affect you when two people who are in love get married? No, it doesn’t. It’s just like a normal hetero marriage, only it involves two people of the same sex, 3) if homosexuality is a sin, then God will punish them accordingly (as you believe), you don’t have to worry, honey. It’s not your fight.

So here’s what I have to say to this person and other people who are shoving their religious thoughts down people’s throats: Get. Over. Yourselves.

The LGBTQ commnity is a lovely community where there’s an abundance of love, support and acceptance for everyone and I couldn’t be prouder to be a supporter of it. Many people stand behind this community, and that is a very heartwarming sight. But no matter what you do, there’ll always be people who disagree. Today’s post is basically just me expressing my happiness about this matter and also my opinion towards the crap haters spew out of their butt. It doesn’t matter what they say or think, because the LGBTQ community is rapidly expanding. And in the end, what matters is that love wins.


(Source: Tumblr)


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