College Update.

Who blogs about their life when they have a huge pile of work and revision waiting to be completed?

Me. Moi. Yours truly. Me. Samantha Sim. Certified procrastinator. Me. Huge idiot. ME.


College has been… tiring. Like, crazy tiring. Like, I’m-so-tired-my-brain-doesn’t-even-function-anymore-I-just-want-to-sleep-for-a-century tiring. I actually wanted to blog about ‘x Reasons I’m Loving College’ but see, that’s the problem with college, you just don’t have time to do anything other than study and complete your homework. By the time I complete drafting that post, I probably would’ve already graduated from college.

However, all negativity aside, I am enjoying college life. It is really, really hard to feel like crap at college because everyone is so friendly there. Well. Not all the students, but the staff there are always wearing smiles on their faces. Even the janitors are friendly. Whaaaaaaaaaat. I don’t deserve this much friendliness. I return people’s smiles so much in college that even if I was upset or mad, I’d totally forget all about it. I can’t even remember the last time I was mad in college.

Oh wait. I do. The last time I was mad was yesterday. In General Paper class. Oh my Lord. That class is just horrible, terrible, vegetable. It is so dreadful, so awful, I’m running out of adjectives. I don’t think you’ll truly understand my pain unless you’ve physically been in that class. And of course, I, naturally, with my rotten luck, was placed in the worst group in the class, where nobody else speaks except for my friend and I. So this is what happens when the lecturer asks (more like forces) us to discuss an issue:

Me: Okay. So. Designer babies. *reads something off the Internet*

My friend: Yeah, I agree. *elaborates*

TWO MUTES: *smiles*

Me: Anything you want to say?


By then, in my head, I’m just like, where is the fucking gun when I need it? For fuck’s sake, it’s a discussion, you’re supposed to discuss. Not smile like a fucking idiot and say nothing. It is so frustrating, I can’t even look at their faces, it makes me want to punch a hole through a wall. Add on the fact that out lecturer is a bore who reads off papers (very softly at times) and doesn’t even give us precise instructions on what to write for our essays. GP MAKES ME WANT TO KILL MYSELF.

That’s not even the worst part. What really ticks my off is the fact that she always zooms in on my group (probably because I said “KILL ME NOW” really loudly once when she asked us to face our group members, and she heard it). When everyone in the whole class isn’t even facing their group members, she’d come to my group and only my group, and ask us to face our group members. What the fuck woman. I obviously don’t want to face my group members who don’t even act like they exist in the group. Recently a new guy joined my group and he talks a lot, has a lot of opinions, and easily gets butthurt by essays which are biased towards the Arts. Looks like my dream of having a member who actually exists came true, but it doesn’t make me want to kill myself any lesser. It’s like what I feel towards GP now is what I felt towards secondary school. I’d rather have a lorry run me over than sit for 2 hours in that class. I’d rather do 24 hours of Pure Maths without break than to sit in that class. Not kidding.

Wowwwwwwwwww okay this has been an extremely depressing post. Let me just try to turn this around.

In such a shitty class, I’m grateful to have friends there whom I can turn to when I feel like shooting myself in the head. We made the worst mistakes of our lives by choosing to stay in that class, but at least we suffer together.

Oh my God I sound so dramatic HAHAHA. Also I just realized that most of our names start with the letter ‘S’. Fun fact.

LOL bye!


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