Lessons Learned.

Hey guys, how are you doing? Finally found some time to blog during this hectic and stressful period. I’ve been sitting for my AS exams since the beginning of October, but right now I have a break of almost half a month before sitting for my MCQ papers, plus my cousins are back so I’m kind of chilling (but not really cause babysitting is not a breeze) and trying not to procrastinate (haven’t started any revision LOL) before my last 2 papers. My blog has been lacking content for such a long time. Heh. But I’ll probably blog about books I want to read after my exams once I’m done with AS. Speaking about life after AS, I don’t exactly want AS to end, cause the end of exams means the start of dealing with other responsibilities that I was allowed to put aside for a while to focus on my exams (can’t say that I did). Ugh. Responsibilities suck. But I can’t wait to read!!!

Anyway. You know how people say that learning is part of growing? Well, I definitely grew a lot the past week. Here are some lessons I learned from last week.

1. Never leave your keys and phone in the same pocket.

Cause you’ll get scratches all over your phone screen.

Storytime! One day, Sam (whose brain is already tiny enough to begin with) wanted to go somewhere. So, she grabbed her phone and her house keys. Apparently, Sam forgot her tiny ass brain and left the house without it. After locking the doors, Sam dumped her keys into the pocket which her phone was in. When she came back, she removed her phone and keys from her pocket…

…and my phone screen is ruined. Okay well I might be exaggerating a little, and yeah, my phone might have already been falling apart long before its screen got scratched, but still. And of course, being the social media addict that I am, I had to document it on Twitter. Apparently, many people made the same mistake I did as well (which made me feel better) (kinda), so this is for all those lucky/smart (depending on which one you are) bastards who haven’t had their phone screens scratched before: DON’T PUT YOUR KEYS AND PHONE IN THE SAME POCKET!

2. Constantly check your e-mails.

Especially when you’ve sent e-mails that require replies. Argh, thinking about this makes me so mad at myself.

Storytime. Once upon a time, in 2014, Sam was reading the newspaper in class when she came across a column calling young writers to submit their stories. Those writers whose stories were published would get a reward of RM 100. Sam decided to try her luck. She submitted one of her stories via e-mail. The next week, Sam eagerly checked the newspaper for that column. The story that was published wasn’t hers. She checked the week after next as well. It wasn’t hers too. She didn’t bother looking out anymore after that, besides, mid-terms were around the corner. Never once did Sam think to check her e-mails for a reply from the newspaper (it’s the tiny ass brain). Fast forward to 2015, an hour before her Business Studies examination, Sam decides to scroll through her old e-mails, and guess what? She came across an e-mail from the newspaper which she somehow overlooked that said that her story got published and she was to collect her RM 100 by e-mailing them her bank particulars. And it was too late for that now. The fact that she missed out on RM 100 made Sam want to kill herself. But she didn’t. Because she had a Business Studies exam to sit for.

So there it is. That was how I carelessly missed out on 100 bucks. But I guess it was the experience that counts??? Oh well, at least I know that my story writing skills aren’t that bad.

So check your e-mails guys!!!

And that’s it. Those are the lessons I learned from last week. It might not seem much, but I still think it’s 2 lessons too many. LOL. The only consolation I can get out of this is that I’ve learned, I’ve grown, and I won’t make the same mistakes in the future (hopefully).

See you guys after my exams!


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