If there’s one thing I like more than eating and sleeping (and I looove eating and sleeping), it’s discovering new books! So yes, I am accepting review copies! (Whoop whoop!)


(the ones in bold are my go-to genres)

  1. LGBTQ+
  2. New Adult
  3. Drama Fiction
  4. Chick Lit
  5. Contemporary
  6. Mental Illness
  7. Romance
  8. Paranormal
  9. Young Adult
  10. Fantasy
  11. Poetry
  12. General Fiction
  13. Thriller
  14. Dystopia
  15. Adventure
  16. Horror
  17. Magical Realism
  18. Mystery
  19. Crime
  20. Fable
  21. Middle Grade
  22. Folklore & Fairy Tale
  23. Mythology
  24. Short Story
  25. Memoirs (but only for people I’m interested in, just drop me an e-mail to confirm)

There aren’t any specific genres that I’m not willing to review though, so if your book doesn’t fit into the above categories, just drop me an e-mail ( and I might just accept it!


My first choice would definitely be a physical copy, because I don’t own an e-reader and reading on the tiny screen of my phone isn’t very comfortable for me, but if for some reason physical copies aren’t available, I’d be happy with EPUB or PDF copies.


I accept reviews from anyone and everyone (yes, that includes indie publishers and self-published authors) so do come and gimme your books.



First of all, I want to make it clear that my reviews will be honest and will not be biased in any way. With that out of the way, I usually take less than a week to finish a book (depending on the length) and will have the review up one or two days after that, unless there are some other books still waiting to be reviewed, in which case I’ll read the books in ascending order of the publishing dates.

I will then post my reviews up on the following websites:

  1. My Blog
  2. Goodreads
  3. Twitter (short review with link to my blog)
  4. Instagram (short review with link to my blog)

If you want me to post it up anywhere else, just let me know and I’ll see if I can work with it.

So? Ready to send me some request copies? Head over to my Contact Me page for all my contact details, or to my Rating System page for an explanation of my rating system. I hope to hear from you soon!

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